Near West Theatre has a unique identity as a grassroots, intergenerational theatre with an emphasis on serving the needs of individuals and our community.

“There is a spiritual dimension to this work. Emotion, creativity, imagination unleashed – the mystery of it all. When we believe in each other and when we raise the stakes, great things happen. All the time.” —Stephanie Morrison Hrbek, founder, NWT

Mission 1
Mission 1
Mission 1
Mission 1
Mission 1
Mission 1
Mission 1


Near West Theatre builds loving relationships and engages diverse people in strengthening their sense of identity, passion, and purpose, individually and in community, through accessible, affordable and transformational theatre arts experiences.

Mission 2
Mission 2
Mission 2
Mission 2
Mission 2
Mission 2



Building personal, professional, and artistic relationships in which mutuality, trust, authenticity, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, growth, and gratitude inspire and motivate committed investment


Fostering an open and affirming environment where every voice has value; acknowledging disabilities and honoring differences in race, culture, economic background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spirituality, age, skill, mental health, physical ability, experience, education, and size


Creating a culture of equity to identify and remove barriers that may limit participation


Ensuring opportunity for participation for all members of our community no matter their socio-economic status


Striving and learning, diligently; setting goals to consistently exceed expectations in an environment that is respectful and accountable


Producing something new through imaginative skill and an appreciation for the apparent chaos, contradiction, void, and imbalance out of which new things are born

Artistic Excellence

Maintaining best practices as a producing theatre to ensure high quality theatre arts experiences throughout all services

Social Justice

Being vigorous to create a world and community where all voices are valued and welcomed

Continuity of Relationships

Facilitating personal and professional growth with unfailing reliability; providing an enduring home away from home, always welcoming at any stage of life and career

Strategic Plan 2019–2021

Goal 1: Deliver Transformational Experiences and Services

NWT will provide inclusive, transformational, mission-rich theatre arts experiences through deep, broad engagement and promotion in the community.

  • (A) Artistic Vision & Mainstage Productions | Create productions that reflect NWT’s legacy of exceptional performances through mission-driven artistic direction.
  • (B) Programs & Capacity | Deliver high-quality programs and events that reinforce NWT’s multigenerational mission.
  • (C) Promotion of NWT’s Mission & Story | Promote NWT’s story and mission through innovative marketing strategies to increase awareness, expand fundraising, and broaden participation.
  • (D) Participants & Community | Formalize organizational commitment to reaching diverse, intergenerational audiences & participants.

GOAL 2: Strengthen NWT Infrastructure

NWT will cultivate a stronger organization by investing in its facility, technology, staffing, and leadership infrastructure

  • (A) Facilities & Technology | Enhance existing facilities & invest in technology that will help NWT to operate efficiently and effectively.
  • (B) Staff Talent & Board Leadership | Empower, develop, and align staff talent and establish high-performing governance system to support implementation of the strategic plan.
  • (C) Financial Health & Sustainability | Attract and increase resources that support the mission and sustain the organization.

Transforming lives
Through Theatre

Donations of all sizes create artistic opportunities for hundreds of youth and adults each year.

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