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For the time being, Near West Theatre is exclusively presenting our season productions through an online streaming platform. 

Know before you purchase: UPDATED 10/21/2020

When you make a purchase for the first time through our new system, you will be prompted to create an account. If you provide an email that you have used with us in the past, our system will notify you that this email is already attached to an account. If this happens, follow the steps to have an email sent to you that will enable you to create a password or reset your password (even if you've never made one before). After that is done, you will be able to proceed to checkout.

Once your order is placed, your confirmation email may get intercepted by a “Spam” or “Promotions” folder. Check those before contacting the Box Office.

Once purchased, you can access the streamed content by clicking the “Click Here to Stream” hyperlink in your confirmation email, or by logging in to Near West Theatre’s ticketing platform:

  • Follow this link and login here. Or visit the NWT homepage and scroll to the bottom where it says "Patron Login."
  • Once logged in, start by clicking “M” icon at the top right in the main navigation
  • Then click “My Account”
  • Then click “View Your Orders”
  • Then click “View Order Details” from your Order History list
  • “Click Here to Stream” will appear under each night you have purchased for streaming. If you are sent to a “Hold” page when you click, double check to make sure the day you’ve selected is correct.
  • The Rise Encore stream is ON DEMAND. This means that viewers can purchase at any time, and watch at any time. Once a viewer begins their stream by clicking "Click Here to Stream," their window of time to complete the stream will begin. 
  • Viewers will have 6 hours from the start of a performance (from the moment they click "Click Here to Stream") to finish watching a show. You will be able to exit the browser screen and return to it from a different device, as long as there are not multiple people streaming from the same login.
  • One purchase = one stream. Once “curtain” time begins, you will be able to access streaming from any device that connects with the internet. Our system does not allow simultaneous streams from the same login. If multiple people have your login, only the first person to activate the link will gain access.
  • Recording and reproducing any Near West Theatre production, for any reason, is strictly prohibited.
  • Having trouble? Email boxoffice@nearwesttheatre.org for assistance.

Accessing Our Shows

For a device to be compatible with streaming, you will either need access to your email or a web browser. You can stream on:

  • Computer, Smart Phone, or Tablet
  • Smart TV 
  • Regular TV via Personal Computer & HDMI cord

Once you have selected a device to watch on, follow either of these two steps to be connected to our streamed shows:

1. By clicking the direct link in your confirmation email. This may require you to log in on whatever device you are trying to access from first. Can't find your confirmation email? Check your junk or promotions folder! Still can't find it? Try option 2:

2. By signing in to the NWT website. Head to www.nearwesttheatre.org. Scroll to the bottom of our main page and click "Patron Login," then use your email and password to sign in. Once you log in, you will be sent to your Account Page. In the list displayed, choose "View Your Orders." The orders you have purchased will appear by the transaction and date that you purchased. Click "View Order Details" on the righthand side of the order box to view which Streaming Access was included in that specific order. If you made multiple purchases on multiple dates, you may need to search each of the transactions for the right date's streaming access link. Once you find the right date and are ready to watch, select the yellow "Click Here to Stream" button. Your window of time to watch the show will not begin until the show goes live (so it is okay to click that button ahead of time - you will be taken to a waiting page).

Having issues? Contact boxoffice@nearwesttheatre.org

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