Adam Rawlings - Basilius
Sydney Noelle Warren - Gynecia
Christina Ciofani - Pamela
Camila Pinero - Philoclea
Donnell James - Dametas
Madelyn Hayes - Mopsa
David Turner - Musidorus
Roman Novosel - Pythio
Amanda Bender - Pit Singer
Katie Blume - Pit Singer
Joel Fenstermaker - Pit Singer
Robert Kowaleski - Pit Singer
Shannon McPeek - Pit Singer
Madeline Saraniti - Pit Singer
Kyla Burks - Dance Ensemble
Kyle Burnett - Dance Ensemble
Bryce Cook - Dance Ensemble
Emma Devine - Dance Ensemble
Alyssa Henkelman - Dance Ensemble
Sydney Lewis - Dance Ensemble
Emma Clark - Dance Ensemble
Mark Vandevender - Dance Ensemble
Rachael Armbruster - Ensemble
Amy Aust - Ensemble
Giovanni Conti - Ensemble
Stacie Eleby - Ensemble
Russell Miller - Ensemble
Dawon Owens - Ensemble
Erin Sheplavy - Ensemble
Mayela Squires - Ensemble

Production Team

Trinidad Snider - Director
Molly Andrews-Hinders - Assistant Director
Whitney Miller - Stage Manager
Jordan Cooper - Musical Director
Kristy Cruz - Choreography
Emily Brady - Assistant Stage Manager
Josh Caraballo - Sound Consultant/Engineer
Emily Ferrer - Sound Tech
James Romeo - Sound Tech
Stephen Ostertag - Costume Designer
Derek Green - Scenic Designer
Jeremy Paul - Lighting Designer
Venchise Phillips - Props Master
Perren Hedderson - Technical Director
Emily Hehnen - Assistant Technical Director
Michael Stein - Production Manager
Kate League-Weston - Drama Therapist

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