Authors' Note: "You sow… Your reap…" You harvest this simple string of works spoken by one of the women of "Harvesting My Dreams," became the common thread binding together writers, interviewers, organizers, directors, and cast. As the writers of this oral history project, we came late. Ground had already been broken at least nine months earlier by the Womens' Issues Committee of the Commission on Catholic Community Action, who had interviewed Cleveland area women, and typed manuscripts. And yet it was easy to get swept up in this project. Our participation was no accident. We were drawn in, and at times we felt more like vessels than creators, filled with empathy, awe, and emotion, as we molded these rich stories into its three-dimensional form. Many hours and pots of coffee were consumed efore we could trust the script's viability.

Despite the project's short growing season, its yield is profound. There is indeed a viability. And yet, the life comes more from the 14-member cast than the script. The power is its women. An act of faith, they tell their characters' stories, revela their own stories, speak the actual words of sister cast members. Through mutual support, laughter, and tears, "Harvesting My Dreams" is being cultivated and is ready for more gleaning.

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