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Our Favorite Feedback on the Magical "Mary Poppins"

Posted May 31, 2017 in Press Releases

A huge THANK YOU to all who supported our production of Mary Poppins! We had a blast performing to each wonderful sold out house. It’s hard to believe this magical musical closed only two weeks ago! Below, we've shared some of our favorite comments and reviews from critics and audience members alike, throughout the run of Mary Poppins.

While we were sad to see Mary Poppins fly away one last time, we are excited to be bringing Carrie, the Musical to our stage in July!

Our Favorite Feedback on the Magical

“…there is one word to describe the whole musical performance - supercalifragilisticexpialidious - the whole performing cast, the scenery, including the smooth changeover of scenery, the costumes, the singing voices and choreography - it should be shown in London's West End theaters it was so professional.” Audience Member

“I just know one thing... IT WAS LIFE-CHANGING! I felt that magic was truly real after watching this palooza! The best I have ever seen and completely unforgettable!” - Audience Member

Our Favorite Feedback on the Magical

"There are top notch performances by everyone involved. Meg Martinez is perfect in the lead and brings a perfect nanniness to the role. Her singing voice is wonderfully suited for the number of songs required, in a variety of ranges. Devon Turchan as Bert does a delightful turn as the Jack of all trades, singing, dancing and acting with aplomb." - Mark Horning

“I was blown away by the production! Music, actors, crew, everyone was amazing and I'm so proud of all the hard work they put into this show. I will definitely be back to see more shows!!” - Audience Member

Our Favorite Feedback on the Magical

“Cory Markowitz and Andrew Narten, who play Winifred and George Banks have incredible chemistry. Markowitz brings her vocal prowess and terrific acting skills making Winifred a fully fleshed out character. Her voice is capable of embodying joy and heartbreak on command with deft results. Narten brings his severe acting chops to a very difficult role. George has to move from being in a somber space, protected by an emotional wall, to someone who finds redemption in his inherent goodness that battles its way out of the dark. In the artful hands of Narten, that journey results in an impressive pitch perfect performance." - Kevin Kelly

“The production was outstanding in every aspect. We would definitely recommend Near West to everyone.”Audience Member

Our Favorite Feedback on the Magical

“Everybody in it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! And that Mary Poppins! Wow! She really was ‘Practically Perfect’. I can't express how impressed I was with the whole experience. And what a great value. I came with my three nieces’ age 11, 12, 15 & we all loved it. Can't wait to come back this summer and see Carrie, the Musical!”Audience Member

“I was so impressed with Near West Theatre I will definitely be returning” – Audience Member

Our Favorite Feedback on the Magical

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