Near West Theatre's 2016 Annual Fund Appeal: Building the Capacity to Love

Posted December 21, 2016 in Press Releases

Near West Theatre's 2016 Annual Fund Appeal: Building the Capacity to Love

Near West Theatre's 2016 Annual Fund Appeal: Building the Capacity to Love

In 1978, Near West Theatre staged its first show on the 3rd floor of St. Patrick's Club Building with a cast of 13 teens, a bare stage with a borrowed backdrop, one spotlight, a budget of $800, and ticket prices of $1. Our beginnings were humble, but the response from the community was great. And the word spread....

Fast forward to more than 38 years later, and we have begun our second full season in our new theater. We've expanded our programming through two additional youth productions, presenting five full scale productions annually. Children, teens, and adults of all experience and skill levels perform onstage, are trained in technical skills to work on backstage crews, and participate in front of house activities. We now reach over 11,000 people each year through our performances and programming.

However, it is only with the support of people like you that Near West Theatre's mission continues to thrive. Please help us keep our tickets affordable and our programming free for participants by making a gift to the Annual Fund. As we navigate the increased operating costs that come with managing our own space, your support is more important than ever.

Your gift, whether $10, $25, $100, $500 or more, helps to ensure our core value of inclusion. This fosters an open and affirming environment, one which honors our differences and creates a world and community where all voices are valued and welcomed.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for believing in and supporting our mission.

Stephanie Morrison Hrbek Bob Navis Jr Jason R. Bristol
Executive Director Artistic Director Board President

Near West Theatre's 2016 Annual Fund Appeal: Building the Capacity to Love

In Their Own Words Testimonials from Near West Theatre program participants:


"Near West Theatre brings together and celebrates the diversity its own community possesses and that other communities hope and strive for. Never has the existence of Near West Theatre been as important as it is right now." - Cast Member

"I am so thankful and grateful for my daughter to have the ability at Near West Theatre to interact and love diversity and adversity, as well as become part of a family where gender and color do not matter... I could never put a price tag on the expansion of her heart's capacity to love - directly resulting from her experiences at Near West Theatre. - Parent of Child Cast Member

"This theater, from day one, gave me a safe place. It encourages everyone to be themselves and express who they are with pride which I think is a very difficult thing for today's youth to do. It's a judgement free environment which not only educates people about theatre but also how to love and respect one another." - Cast Member, Age 15

Your support helps bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to create extraordinary theatre.

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