On that glorious morn
When we're finally reborn
And we're all of us, human again!

Talking candlesticks, an enchanted rose, and dancing tableware?! Bookish Belle has never even dreamed of such things, but longs for adventure “in the great wide somewhere,” away from her provincial town where women have their place, and people who are “different” are rejected. When Belle’s father is taken captive by a mysterious and fearsome Beast, she embarks upon a true Heroine’s Journey, courageously sacrificing her freedom so her father can live. She quickly discovers that an ill-tempered Beast and his magical household are prisoners themselves, placed under an enchantment long ago.

It’s a race against the clock: the petals of the enchanted rose are falling, and an angry mob is storming the castle door... Will the curse be broken before the last petal falls and the Beast and his household are doomed for all eternity? This classic tale of spiritual awakening and personal metamorphosis challenges Belle and the Beast – as it challenges each of us – to re-think our definitions of love, beauty, and inclusion.

Production Information

Fall Intergenerational Production, ages 7 and up

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

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