Every story, new or ancient, all are tales of love at heart.

Winner of four Tony Awards including Best Original Score, Elton John’s Aida tells of Egypt and Nubia, two Nile jewels rich with culture, wisdom, and wealth which are tarnished by the ugliness of war when the Egyptians conquer Nubia and take its citizens as slaves. Nubian princess Aida, stolen from her country, is torn between her love of her people, and a new love within arms that once were threatening. Is there a greater power than fear, hate, greed and war – something to unite these nations and preserve the unique beauty of both, and heal the hearts and minds that live in them?

Today in 2017, our streets are still battlegrounds for diverse groups of people, struggling to be heard, to know justice and equality, to be recognized as fully American… to matter. Aida reminds us of the timeless nature of this struggle, and points to the heart as the place where all healing begins.

Production Information

Winter Youth Production, ages 9–15

AIDA is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

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