A play that shatters the myths about mental illness. Based on the actual stories of mental health consumers, family members, and mental health professionals.

Authors' Note: "At the onset, we entered into this project with confidence gained from our seven year history with writing and producing oral history plays. But confidence soon turned to awe - the door was opening into a world we had never imagined - a world where pain and fear and hopelessness were frequent visitors. It is our hope that we have met the tremendous challenge of writing this script and have helped open the door, inviting people in for a glance of the incredible complexity of mental illness and the paths to recovery and reclamation. In doing so, their lives, as ours, will be changed by those who deal with mental illness. Together, we can break through. The doors of pain and fear and hopelessness will give way to understanding, compassion, and hope." - Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek, Lauren Persons, and the Near West Theatre staff

Production Information

Adult Production

This production ran for a single weekend for its premiere. It continued to "travel" for various productions throughout the 1990s. In 1995, it was recorded for film distribution.

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