Director's Note: "Under the Golden Arches" has already fulfilled one of its goals before the curtain rises. It was my intent in piecing monologues, scenes, and one-acts together into a free-wheeling, non-stop urban collage, to provide actorsand technicians a rich palette to show off their talents. The show, set in the manic, unpredictable streets for New York City contrasted by the protective, gleaming arches of McDonald's, offer the perfect arena for its disparate inhabitants. Here, hookers, evengelists, punks, yuppies, and health freaks live in the shadows of pulsing neons and the harsh realities of their lives.

"The second goal cannot be achieved without the audience - that is, to entertain. If the audience laughs, remembers, and feels, then the symbiotic relationship betwwen audience and actors is complete and "Under the Golden Arches" has made its mark." - Lauren Persons, Director

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