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Tickets for Carrie are on sale NOW!

By: Near West Theatre | Jun 14, 2017
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Who could guess that a Stephen King novel could, would or should become a musical? Well, Carrie's back from the grave and she's singing, too! Smothered by her religiously demented mother, tortured at school and struggling with her emerging sexuality, Carrie just wants to be a normal kid... but she's far from normal. With her coming of age, she's discovering paranormal powers. She can move things! Windows break, people fall, knives fly, and the blood pours! It all builds to prom night, a vicious prank, and an act of vengeance that leaves no one but the dead to tell what happened. A classic morality tale: what goes around, comes around... redemption is not guaranteed!
Carrie goes from victim to woman in charge…and then everybody dies. A morality tale set in high school. This is one prom you don’t want to miss, so get a date, a tux or a gown, a corsage, and be there!

Tickets for Carrie the Musical are on sale NOW! We have redesigned our ticketing and policies - so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY for changes before making your next ticket purchase.

​You can purchase tickets in three easy ways: Online 24/7, over the phone at 216-961-6391 from Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm, or in person at 6702 Detroit Ave. from Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm.

GENERAL ADMISSION - These affordable tickets make our productions more accessible to our community.
Adults: $10 | Children (12 & under): $8

AUTO-ASSIGNED SEATING: No more first-come, first-served seating on the day of the performance! General Admission tickets are now AUTO-ASSIGNED a row and seat by our ticketing system.

  • Our ticketing system assigns these seats based on the best available seating at the time of purchase.
  • General Admission patrons CANNOT change the location of these auto-assigned seats, but row/seat details will be available, should you want to know where you have been placed.
  • General Admission patrons should purchase tickets early to receive the best possible seating.
  • If you prefer to choose/know exactly where you're sitting, STAR SEATS are for you!

ACCESSIBLE SEATING: General Admission patrons who require Accessible Seating MUST CALL THE BOX OFFICE so a representative can assist you. This includes needs for wheelchair seating, those who have difficulty with stairs, etc. The more we know about your circumstances, the better we can serve you!


STAR SEATS - These organizational support/fundraising tickets help keep our General Admission tickets affordable and our programming FREE for participants.

CHOOSE YOUR EXACT ROW AND SEAT: Pick your favorite seats to enjoy your favorite show! For choosing to pay extra to support Near West Theatre, Star Seat patrons receive reserved seating in a row of their choice.

STAR SEAT SUMMER SALE: 20% OFF! Star Seats are ONLY $20 for our summer production of Carrie, the Musical! (previously $25)


Questions about our new ticketing policies?
CLICK HERE to visit our Ticketing Page or give our Box Office a call at 216-961-6391 to speak with a representative

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