May 3 – 19, 2013

(May 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 2013)

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Production conception, English lyrics, and additional material by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman
Based on Jacques Brel’s lyrics and commentary
Music by Jacques Brel

Brel is, of course, no longer alive and well. He died of lung cancer in 1978 at age 49. But in his relatively short life, Brel, who was born in Belgium but settled in Paris, made an indelible impression as a cabaret singer, composer and poet, writing and singing with critical passion about the greed of the middle classes, the delusions of love, the immorality of the church and the banks, and the many faces of oppression. Director Bob Navis Jr., along with creative partners Laura Carlson, Kelcie Dugger, Jordan Cooper, Perren Hedderson and Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek, will conceptualize a ruthless and fanciful new theatrical experience, drawing on a mix of styles from cabaret to performance art, guerilla street theater to religious ritual. Instead of the four performers on stools typically associated with this show, we will form a multiracial, intergenerational cast of 40 characters that will morph from clown to robot, pregnant teen to priest, madwoman to Wall Street banker. This spring show, whose cast will consist of older teens and adults, will break the box in terms of how audiences have perceived and encountered these legendary songs, including “If We Only Have Love,” “Timid Frieda,” “My Death,” “Alone” and “Sons Of.”

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Auditions were held:
Feb. 26-28, 2013
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